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Freelance photographer, mother of two average children and one above average husband. Trying to bring no fuss sophistication to the inelegant art of motherhood.  

The Struckmeyer Family

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About one month ago I had the privilege of capturing special moments for the Struckmeyer family. On a crisp late winter day I met them at their home to photograph some photos of their new family of four. Right away I could tell they were going to be a fun family to work with.

The home was relaxed and Brady was curious, social and ready to have his picture taken. Any time I would lift up my lens, even if it wasn’t aimed at him I would hear, “Cheese”. He just may be the easiest 3 year old I’ve ever photographed.

Congratulations to the Stephanie, Andrew and Brady; Lucy is the perfect addition to your family.

xo- Adrienne