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Isla Claire Oliver

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Imagine if you will, you’re 36 weeks pregnant and you and your toddler have been sick all weekend with the flu. It’s Sunday night and you are finally starting to feel like yourself again. You crawl into bed hearing the wind and rain pound on your windows. While laying in bed you think, ‘man this would be the worst time to go into labor’… then…your water breaks. And just a short 2.5 hours later you meet your healthy baby girl. Yeah you read that right….2.5 hours!

Today was Laura’s due date so I thought we should celebrate by looking at photos from Isla’s recent newborn session.

As you can see Avett is so excited to be a big brother and head of heals in love for his baby sister.

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Isla Claire Oliver was so excited to meet her family she just had to come 4 weeks early. And I can’t blame her, she got one of the best families around! Welcome to the world Isla. We are so excited to watch you grow.