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Freelance photographer, mother of two average children and one above average husband. Trying to bring no fuss sophistication to the inelegant art of motherhood.  

Rubin Maternity- Lincoln Park

Rubin-Maternity-L-CC (19 of 35).jpg

Two of my favorite people are having a baby! Dave and Danielle are first time clients but long time friends. I’ve known Dave since high school and Danielle I met six years ago when she was Dave’s date for my wedding. I could tell right away she was the real deal. Danielle is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She exudes warmth to everyone that has the pleasure to know her. And being able to capture the love the two of them share for each other was a blast.

It was a bitterly cold January day when I headed to their stunning new condo. From the first shot I could tell it was going to be a great session because wow does their condo photograph well.

Rubin-Maternity-L-CC (10 of 35).jpg

One of the perks of shooting at a clients home means costume changes are quick and easy. Because of this, we were able to shoot them in a variety of different looks.

Working with a couple you’re so close to brings with it a level of comfort and trust that allowed me to capture these stunning intimate photos of Danielle.

So happy for these two and can’t wait to capture photos of their family of three soon.

xo- Adrienne