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Freelance photographer, mother of two average children and one above average husband. Trying to bring no fuss sophistication to the inelegant art of motherhood.  

Pregnancy Glow


Maternity sessions are definitely one of my favorites.  The months leading up to your first child are such a special time.  It really does mark the end of a chapter and start of a beautiful novel.  Capturing that moment is such a privilege and was made even more special since the mama to be is one of my dear friends.   

Celeste and I first met when my then boyfriend invited some of his friends to visit sophomore year in college.  Since I lived in the larger apartment between the two of us I offered to host them.  On the first night we all went to a bar to celebrate. While there Celeste sees a guy who she thought was Joe dancing 'intimately' with a girl who was obviously not me.  Celeste proceeds to walk over pull the girl off the guy and start yelling at him for treating me that way.  She quickly realized she was mistaken and apologized profusely but this little act placed her in my mind as one of my best friends.  I mean any gal that has your back like that is someone you want to keep around!  When Celeste met Matt I knew she'd met her partner and it was made even better he lived here initiating her move to Chicago.  

Celeste is one of those people that exudes loving kindness and Matt is always the life of the party so I knew it was going to be a fun session.  Spring came late this year in Chicago so we headed to the Botanic Gardens where there are beautiful backdrops every time of year.  We walked the paths enjoying the rather cool spring day stopping throughout to shoot. 

Since there wasn't too much blooming I focused on finding textural unique backgrounds. Celeste had on a simple navy maternity dress which we styled with different coverups to compliment the natural surroundings.   I love how this beautiful kimono shawl brightened up these shots.  


Brick walls always make for a lovely backdrop on less than ideal weather days.  This shorter draped top really framed Celeste's adorable baby bump.  

My goal of the day was to capture the love and joy Matt and Celeste share. I mean come on, look at how he looks at her! 

My favorite spot of the day was using these amazing yellow branches for the backdrop. The branches brought out the beautiful golden tones in the top and further allowed her inner glow to really shine. 

Celeste’s glow really brightened up the overcast chilly spring day and made it a wonderful session.  

xo- adrienne
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