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Freelance photographer, mother of two average children and one above average husband. Trying to bring no fuss sophistication to the inelegant art of motherhood.  

Martin Family: Minneapolis

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All babies are cute but some seem to get an extra dosage of cute and little Reese is one extra cute babe. You may remember this beautiful couple from their golden hour maternity session last summer. On my trip to Minneapolis last month I was thrilled to get to photograph their now family of three. Leslie and Brian showed up in perfectly coordinated outfits; (File this under-‘how to dress for family session’) and sweet baby Reese had the worlds most adorable hat.

The day may have been dreary but you couldn’t tell inside my Minneapolis studio, AKA my parents beautiful condo (thanks mom and dad). Every time I see Reese she just gets cuter and cuter. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a baby that is more of a split between her two parents. It’s as if they put their baby into one of those weird face splitting apps, only the non-creepy version.

Leslie’s sister Kate was in town the weekend of the session so we of course had to include her in some photos. As you can see beauty runs in the family.

The most memorable moment of the day came by surprise and 16-year-old Reese will be so glad I was there to capture the moment.

All parents can look at these pictures and imagine the sound that went with these two photos. For those who haven’t had a pleasure of having children let me just say, the force of which your tiny baby can poop will shake the room.

There is something magical about watching two people you love and have known for so long enter the next phase of their relationship and to be able to capture that in photographs fills up my cup every time.

xo- Adrienne