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40th Anniversary Session: Meet My Parents

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See that cute couple, that’s my adorable parents Bill & Julie Brown. They have been married for 40 years! Thats right, they have been together since high-school, had three kids and now have four grandchildren. To celebrate their milestone anniversary I gifted them a romantic and sometimes steamy session.

Growing up I always felt as though my parents portrayed a very honest loving relationship. I knew they loved each other deeply and I remember being grossed out when they would get a little too handsy for my teenage eyes. Besides love, I also knew that it took effort. I knew they worked at their marriage and because they never hid this from us I feel as though I entered my own marriage knowing it is a choice to stay married and takes work to make a relationship last. The ever-curious daughter, I asked them if I could also interview them about their love story. Here is what I found out.

How did you meet?

After a youth fellowship event washing dishes in the church basement.
— Julie
I remember I always would volunteer for dish washing duty so we could spend more time together.
— Bill

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What’s the best part about being married?

Waking up together.
— Bill
Knowing that he’s always got my back.
— Julie

What’s the hardest part about being married?

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Trying to grow together and personally at the same time.
— Bill

The inevitable personal and relationship growing pains.
— Julie

Tell me one of your favorite memories you've had together over the years.

The birth of our kids, camping with the kids, trip to Ireland, watching TV and eating popcorn, and being grandparents together. I can’t list just one!
— Julie
Watching Julie be with our grandchildren.
— Bill

What is the best gift you received from each other?

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Julie taking care of the teenage years.
— Bill

Planning our trip to Ireland.
— Julie


What do you think is the key to staying married for 40 years?

Keeping perspective on the ‘whole’, not the moment.
— Julie

Choosing to be in a relationship instead of having to be right.
— Bill

What advice would you give your younger self on your wedding day?

Buckle’ll hit some bumps but it’s worth the ride. Life is full of rollercoaster rides with highs and lows, sometimes you need to know when it’s not your ride to join.
— Julie
Relax, it’s going to get better.
— Bill

Love you mom and dad. Thank you for showing us all what being in a relationship means.