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Cyrus Lee Almquist Goldner

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If you’re anything like me than when you look at your calendar you wonder, how is Thursday already Thanksgiving!? Well let’s take a break from our busy schedules for a few minutes and look at a little newborn perfection.

On Halloween I spent an hour of my day with Cyrus Lee Almquist Goldner and his adoring parents, Zoe and Keith. After an early peeing incident that caused daddy to need a fresh shirt we were ready for the session.

Cyrus was only 10 days old and already had the perfect balance of joy and skepticism to navigate this crazy world. As you can see his parents are totally enamored with their new roommate and the feeling is mutual.

Zoe and Keith, parenting looks good on you!

Now everyone back to your regularly scheduled program... right after this adorable photo of a sneeze.

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You’re Welcome.