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Freelance photographer, mother of two average children and one above average husband. Trying to bring no fuss sophistication to the inelegant art of motherhood.  

Happy Mother's Day

Becoming a mom is one of the most rewarding and most challenging transitions I’ve ever gone through. Watching other moms from behind my lens has allowed me to gain a better sense of joy and connection to the messier sides of motherhood. In honor of mother’s day I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments I’ve captured of moms and their babes over the last year.

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Marshall Eric

This spring has been filled with premature babies! I had three clients with babies due all through the spring and each and everyone arrived early. This sweet boy made his grand entrance on March 26th weighing in at just over 5 lbs. When he was just 3.5 weeks old I headed to his home to capture photos with his family.

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Molina Family: Guatemala

I could relive this session all day every day. One of the many benefits of marrying a man from Guatemala is that I always have an excuse to go visit this beautiful country. Using the stunning black sand beaches of Guatemala as our backdrop I was able to capture this session for my sister-in-law and her amazing family of four.

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Isla Claire Oliver

Imagine if you will, you’re 36 weeks pregnant and you and your toddler have been sick all weekend with the flu. It’s Sunday night and you are finally starting to feel like yourself again. You crawl into bed hearing the wind and rain pound on your windows. While laying in bed you think, ‘man this would be the worst time to go into labor’… then…your water breaks. And just a short 2.5 hours later you meet your healthy baby girl. Yeah you read that right….2.5 hours!

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Sarnak Family: Stone Arch Bridge - Minneapolis

I met Lauren in 7th Grade and I remember being so excited she wanted to be my friend. This past fall I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Lauren and meeting her husband Matt and son Jonathan. It was a windy and chilly day at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis but we braved the wind and captured some family pictures for them before they welcomed baby number two.

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Martin Family: Minneapolis

All babies are cute but some seem to get an extra dosage of cute and little Reese is one extra cute babe. You may remember this beautiful couple from their golden hour maternity session last summer. On my trip to Minneapolis last month I was thrilled to get to photograph their now family of three. Leslie and Brian showed up in perfectly coordinated outfits; (File this under-‘how to dress for family session’) and sweet baby Reese had the worlds most adorable hat.

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Cyrus Lee Almquist Goldner

If you’re anything like me than when you look at your calendar you wonder, how is Thursday already Thanksgiving!? Well let’s take a break from our busy schedules for a few minutes and look at a little newborn perfection.

On Halloween I spent an hour of my day with Cyrus Lee Almquist Goldner and his adoring parents, Zoe and Keith. After an early peeing incident that caused daddy to need a fresh shirt we were ready for the session.

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Fitzgerald Family ~ Chicago Botanic Gardens Maternity Photography

There is no denying when you look out the windows that fall is in full swing. But let’s take a break from the fall colors and give our eyes treat with a beautiful late summer maternity session.

I met Gina, John and their two children William and Everly at the Chicago Botanic Garden on a picture perfect early September evening.

Photographing two children under four can be a challenge but doesn’t need to be. We ran, we played and we captured this family’s true personalities.

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Windy Wild Child

You know the kind of wind that sprays water off the lake and requires you to shout to hear your own voice? That was what we had the day of Tim and Suzie’s family session. This wind made for a whimsical session and allowed for some really fun photos capturing their daughter Sydney’s free spirit. Who needs a wind machine when your session takes place on the lake front?

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Montrose Beach Maternity

A few weeks ago I had a privilege of taking photos for a lovely couple who is awaiting the arrival of their first human baby.  I say human baby because Melissa and Nick already had the sweetest fur baby, Sawyer, who we of course had to include in the session.  

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